Sunday, January 13, 2008

What you can do with Asthma Attack?

There is a lot of controversy about asthma attack. The main problem is not taking a breath in but in releasing the breath out.

When a person with asthma attack experiences a sudden worsening of his or her asthma attack symptoms it is called an asthma attack. During an asthma attack, the smooth muscles around the bronchial tubes in the lungs contract, making the airway openings more narrow. Less air can flow through these openings and inflammation of the lungs is a result. This inflammation quickly increases and the airways become more swollen. Mucus production by the cells in the airways increases more than usual and this narrows the airways even further. These changes to the airways cause the symptoms of asthma attack, notably wheezing and difficulty in breathing.
For more information on Asthma Signs and Symptoms (Butekyo Method) or for information on an Asthma Test.

When you are with someone who is having an asthma attack there are things you can do to help them. First of all you should remove the victim from the cause of the asthma attack. This will be a certain allergen such as pollen in the air or on the skin, smoke, or other strong odors. Keep the victim calm, comfortable, and sitting upright.

If the asthma attack victim has not already used a rescue inhaler, ask the person if he or she has an inhaler and assist the victim with the inhaler, if necessary. A rescue inhaler is the best first aid for asthma attacks. It is important that you use the rescue inhaler prescribed to the asthma attack victim and not use someone else's inhaler.
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In the event that there is no rescue inhaler to use or if the asthma attack symptoms do not improve after administering the inhaler, you can also use steam to help the victim. Run very hot water from a faucet and have the person inhale the steam being careful not to touch the scalding water. Help the victim focus on their breathing and pucker their lips when he or she exhales.
Exercise-induced asthma attack can be useful for asthma research and diagnosing asthma attack in children.

If an asthma attack is severe then it may be possible that all of the preceding steps will not decrease the asthma attack symptoms. In this event, or when a rescue inhaler is not present, you may need to call for emergency medical help. The information given here is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If someone you know or love has asthma attack it is important to learn all you can about this condition so that you can help the person in the event of an asthma attack.

Daniel Lanicek is an life long sufferer of asthma attack on a mission to heighten world awareness of asthma attack. Over 14 million people in the United States alone suffer from asthma attack and there are ways you can help. Learn more about asthma at Asthma Explained. But the good thing is that there are certain medications one can take to prevent hard-to-breathe attacks. Asthma treatment includes inhalers, nebulizers, and doctor-prescribed drugs.

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